Business Development

Your business needs to continuously evolve. Technology can be leveraged upon nicely to achieve better performance and lower costs. We constantly update our product & service offerings in line with cutting-edge & world-class technology.

Tailor-fit Prices

We are a business too and we can help you balance the cost/value equation realistically by ensuring be give better value at lower cost than competition.

Quick Delivery

Effective solutions don't have to take forever. While we carefully and patiently attend to your projects with great detail, we do it quickly so your business can start to adopt the solutions and get value.

Unique Team

We have a young, proven team of dynamic minds, each brilliant, in their respective fields. UI Designers, Web & Mobile Developers, Content Architects, Framework Engineers, your business has access to the best in class!


Leverage Tomorrow's Technology Today

At HostVille Nigeria, we believe in solving business problems with technology. There are lots of them out there with new ones popping up and evolving by the day. Let is help you reach out and make the best use of the right technology to improve your business processes and your bottom line :-)

We help you leverage technology in delivering better and more efficiently

HostVille Nigeria

Bringing Tomorrow today, giving you time-travel

HostVille Nigeria

We can help you greatly reduce cost of technology

HostVille Nigeria

Our Services

Domain Name & Web-Hosting

This was our first love :-) We have over the years become the best in terms of customer support to our web-hosting customers. Let us provide a reliable home for your website.
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Enterprise Email

Electronic mail is becoming the central nervous system of many businesses. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail are usually out of the question. Webmail sometimes doesnt deliever top value. You need to upgrade.
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Developer Tranining

We roll with the best :-) We actually trained most of them! We have over the years, found the secret to grooming code veterans. From HTML & PHP to Java & C#, we do train world-class programmers..
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Mobile Apps Development

The use of Mobile Apps is on an astronomical increase with Android, Blackberry, iOS & Windows Phone dominate. You use them too! Why not give your customers a faster, more efficient and cooler way to engage you, your products and services.
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Web Development

We build websites for you reliably and inexpensively. We dont just replicate design templates, we actually look at your business and carve out a solution to meet your needs. We provide great after-sales support.
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Social Media Content

Your social media profiles can do with engaging viral content, something for your fans and followers to engage and talk about. A more convicing way to present your products & services.
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Graphics Design

We do innovative graphic design ranging from Logos to Facebook Banners and even Cartoons. We do it with a touch of elegance and moderness. Gone are the days of CorelDraw, Clip-Arts and funny Poster-Color images, lets do it a modern way.
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IT Support

You probably have one or two IT staff and your technology needs are increasing. Or maybe you have none! Tap into our vast pool of experienced personnel by purchasing one of our support packages and let us provide remote and on-site support for your business at a reasonable cost.
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“Professional, diligent and cost effective”

Adeoye Allen - Rotadels Brightway

“Gave me the true meaning of Customer's First”

Israel Okeke - Ide8tech

“Perfect project delivery within project timeline”

Franklin Israel - Reethm Studios

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